Decaf Oromia Cooperative, Ethiopia - Organic, Fair Trade

Decaf Oromia Cooperative, Ethiopia - Organic, Fair Trade

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Region:  Sidama
Varietals:  Mixed Heirlooms
Processing: Natural Fermentation, Water Processing (non-solvent)

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Royal Coffee blended several lots from the Oromia cooperative and sent them off to be decaffeinated. This method of decaffeination involves no chemicals: to remove caffeine, the decaf plant soaks the green coffee in water to soften the beans. The beans are then placed into a solution that extracts the caffeine. The beans are then reintroduced to the initial water and dried mechanically as they reabsorb most of the flavor bearing compounds. This non-solvent method is organic and permits this lot to retain its organic certification.

It also happens to be quiet tasty! Hints of strawberry emerge in the fragrance, followed by guava in the cup. While light bodied, the coffee has a chocolatey finish and light acidity making it balanced and refreshing.