EcoCafe Mill, Haiti

EcoCafe Mill, Haiti

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Country: Haiti
Region: Le Nord
Location: Ranquitte
Processing: Washed Fermentation
Varietal(s): Heirloom Typica
Elevation: 600 – 1100 masl.
Harvest Season: May – September

Our Cupping Notes:

A light roasted coffee for dark roast lovers. This coffee is supremely nutty with a smokey finish. It has a citrus acidity that is mellow and juicy, a medium to heavy body, and hints of wheat and peanut.

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There isn't enough to say about the wonder that is EcoCafe. It began as a collaboration between a OSU business professor, a Christian Missionary organization, and local Haitians, and has since become one of the most successful startup stories in Haiti. Digicel, the Clinton Foundation, USAID, and Jonathan Rosenthal (founder of Equal Exchange) have all rewarded, remarked upon, and otherwise lauded the organization. EcoCafe has successfully reterraced the hillsides of surrounding communities eliminating erosion and mudslides as a major problem. They created a large local workforce that has distributed seed and trained community members to plant and maintain backyard gardens, which has in turn led to a near elimination of childhood vitamin deficiencies. The list of accomplishments could go on, but the coffee is also quite delicious.

The cup is chocolatey and nutty with hints of wheat. It's a low acid cup with some bitterness if brewed with too hot of water. It has definite appeal to those who want a darker roast without all the negatives of darker roasting!