Kayon Mountain Farm Washed, Ethiopia

Kayon Mountain Farm Washed, Ethiopia

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Elevation: 1900-2200 masl

Varietals: Heirloom Ethiopian

Region: Guji

Processing: Fully Washed

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Ate Esmael and his family began Kayon Mountain Coffee Farm in 2012 with the mission to produce the best quality in a sustainable way. He has since created a top notch, organic, 240 hectare farm in Ethiopia's souther region of Oromia in the now famous Guji zone. Guji has not traditionally produced as well known coffees as Yirgacheffe; but, as part of the Sidama region, it has a profile that is standing out and receiving special notoriety. Ate's farm features sandy, clay loam that he planted under a natural shade canopy. The farm follows strict organic practices as certified by German company BCS ECO GARANTIE PL's organic standards. 

Most Kayon coffees is processed naturally (i.e., the beans are left to ferment in the fruit on raised beds in the sun), but this lot comes from his fully washed crop. Ate depulps the coffee beans, separates out the lower quality beans through the washing channels, and ferments the best beans for 12-24 hours before drying them on raised beds for 2-3 weeks. The dry time is slow to not compromise quality and the beans are regularly turned by hand to prevent any defects from emerging. Defective beans are hand sorted during this phase as well to ensure a near perfect coffee.

The coffee is a classic Sidama: lightly floral with heavy red fruits. This lot from Kayon Mountain Farm has a soft jasmine and honeysuckle smell that comes out as the cup cools and a distinct honey fragrance that also emerges in the cup. The acidity is on the citric side ranging from meyer lemon to clementine and finishing with definite notes of cocoa.

OQ's roast of the Kayon Mountain Farm was ranked as a Finalist (the first ever, from NJ!) in the Good Food Awards for 2017.