Vohora Farm, Tanzania

Vohora Farm, Tanzania

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Region: Arusha
Processing: Carbonic Maceration (anaerobic, fully cherry fermentation)
Altitude: 1600-1850 meters
Varietals: Batian, Blue Mountain, Typica, Kent, SL28
Certifications: Rainforest Alliance

Our Tasting Notes:

This is a soft coffee that hits all the right spots for those who want a reflective, but easy-drinking coffee: brown sugar, chocolate, and dates up front with a syrupy mouthfeel. As it cools, the fruits come out: grape, apple, canned peach juice, and blackberry. It’s balanced and understated, so be prepared to sit and ponder or to pound it down and do it again.

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While a traditional wine making technique, carbonic maceration is new to coffee. In it, cherries are placed into large barrels filled with clean water and sealed. A one way valve is opened allowing for CO2 to off-gas. After 2-5 days (depending on temperature), the cherries will ferment producing CO2 and pushing all the oxygen out. The result is a fruit forward, spritzy, and clean tasting coffee. The Vohora family processes a small amount of coffee this way on top of thousands of pounds of traditional washed fermentation coffees. They operate a 1000 acre farm and employees 50+ full-time workers. In addition to maintaining a diverse and healthy environmental ecosystem (their farms are RFA certified), they provide temporary housing for harvest laborers and land for locals to grow crops on.