Wuri Mill, Ethiopia

Wuri Mill, Ethiopia

from 22.00

Region: Yirgacheffe
Processing: Anaerobic (low oxygen) Wet, drying on raised beds
Altitude: 2050-2100 meters
Varietals: Mixed Heirloom
Certifications: None

Our Tasting Notes:

It is an incredibly floral coffee, rich with jasmine and hibiscus notes. Complimentary stone and tropical fruit flavors are present in excellent balance: lots of mango and peach mentions at the cupping table, with a hint of that sweet/buttery combination commonly associated with chardonnay wines..

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This lovely coffee hails from Worka-Sakaro, a neighborhood (kebele) in the Gedeb district (woreda) of the Gedeo Zone – also home to the more famous Yirgacheffe woreda. The Gedeo people in the region received the honorific “worik” (ወርቅ, Amharic for “gold”) from government surveyors who were redrawing regional boundaries. They then attached the Gedeo translation (“worka”) to their word for a huge local tree, Sakaro. The microregion is rich with coffee, and this selection from the privately owned Wuri washing station (Wuri is Gedeo for “high elevation) was grown by smallholder farmers living in the area. The washing station has already established itself with a reputation for quality and experimentation, preparing what they claim is Ethiopia’s first anaerobically prepared coffee for Berg Wu (2016 World Barista Champion, from Taiwan). The Premium selection was prepared for a US importer, Royal Coffee, from coffee grown at or above 2050 meters, soaked in clean water after washing, pulping, and fermenting, and dried on raised beds.