El Moho Farm, Colombia Biweekly Subscription

El Moho Farm, Colombia Biweekly Subscription

from 29.00 every 2 weeks

Elevation: 1500 masl

Varietals: Mixed (Caturra, Colombia, Castillo)

Region: Cundinamarca

Processing: Honey Processed


This coffee comes to us from Fernando Cardenas's farm, El Moho, near the village of Anatoli. through our partner, La Palma y El Tucán Mill. La Palma works with its neighboring farmers to identify excellent coffees, process them exquisitely, and deliver higher pay to them, traceably and transparently. For their neighbors who participate (called the "Neighbors and Crops" program), they pay 60% above the FNC price, subsidize 35% the cost of hiring pickers, and provide free agronomic training as well organic compost and coffee seedlings. We first began buying coffee from La Palma in 2014 and have since spent time at their mill in Colombia seeing their work first hand. This year we selected this honey processed lot from several that La Palma sent to us from their Neighbors and Crops program.

This is a fruity coffee opening up with wonderful florals and red fruits (think raspberry). It has a sparkling acidity like grape juice frizzante and a creamy body that finishes somewhere between plum juice and clementines.