Archimedes Espresso, Blend

Archimedes Espresso, Blend

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Region: Varies
Processing: Wet Fermentation and Natural Fermentation
Altitude: Varies above 1200 masl
Varietals: Varies, but usually Typica, Caturra, Catuai and Ethiopian heirloom and landrace
Harvest: January-May
Certifications: Directly Sourced and Importer Sourced, traceable macrolots from East Africa.

Our Tasting Notes

The Archimedes features lots of fruity sweetness, packing a berry and peach punch with a thick, velvet body and balanced citric acidity. This year's dry-processed Ethiopian and a recent crop washed Central lot adds other elements, however: cocoa, smoked hardwood, and cherry.  This is a balanced espresso that hints at the blueberry bombs of yesteryear and weighs heavily on the palette. It is delicious with and without milk.


  • Ideal Rest: 3-12 days

  • Temp: 197F

  • Preinfusion: 4 seconds at line pressure

  • Pressure: 9 bars

  • Coffee In: 18.5g

  • Out: 45g

  • Time: 30-35 seconds

MSRP $17 per 12 oz. bag

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As a rule, we only offer single origin coffees.  We do this both to showcase our producing partners and to experience the unique, high quality coffees they grow.  While many of these single origin coffees would work well as single origin espressos, we also blend our sustainably sourced single origins for espresso. The coffee ingredients change seasonally while we maintain an overall flavor profile:

  1. Archimedes Espresso: a blend of naturally processed and washed coffees aimed at intensely ripe, fruit flavors. This is an exciting and occasionally life-changing espresso some.

  2. Nocte Dolce: a blend or alternative roast of our Central American coffees designed to minimize acidity and bitterness while enhancing chocolate notes. As a cappuccino this is classic and appeals to everybody.

  3. Chiaroscuro: a single origin coffee roasted especially for espresso. It usually has intense acidity or floral notes, but the roast balances them out to make a wild and unique espresso.