San Augustín Community Farms, Colombia

San Augustín Community Farms, Colombia

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Country: Colombia

Region: Huila

Processing: Fully Washed Fermentation

Elevation: 1750 masl

Varietals: Caturra, Typica

Sourcing: Transparent Microlot

Our Cupping Notes:

Brown sugar and orange define the fragrance and flavor. The cup is balanced with hints of grape, caramel, and citrus blossom.

MSRP: $21 per 12 oz. bag


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This lot comes from 35 producers near the town of San Augustín. THeir forms are in Huila, in Colombia’s southwest, near the border of Cauca department. This small lot is a traceable microlot: the coffee community in San Agustín is working with a Colombian exporter Lohas Beans, who in turn is working with Royal Coffee in California. Lohas Beans has been working with these producers implement and maintain environmental and quality initiatives. These have included protection of a diversity fauna, intercropping food plants with coffee shrubs, and training on cupping, coffee production, processing, and transportation of coffee.

Brown sugar and navel orange define this coffee’s flavor profile. It finishes with candied milk chocolate (think tootsie rolls) and floral hints of orange blossom.