Tulgey Wood Blend

Tulgey Wood Blend

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Tulgey Wood is a phrase invented by Lewis Carroll in his poem “Jabberwocky". It refers to something heavy, dark, and foreboding.

Our Tasting Notes

The darker roasting and drawn out development phase emphasizes the mouthful, sugar browning, chocolate, and caramel inherent in the component coffees. There is bitterness if brewed too hot and minimal to no perceivable acidity.

$15/ 12 oz. bag

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Tulgey Wood is comprised of darkly roasted, Fair Trade and Organic coffees. FTO coffees provide a minimum of $1.65 per pound to a certified growers cooperative. While we pay much more for our directly sourced microlots, this blend offers verification through a third-party company that guarantees a sort of minimum wage, where you and your customers know a minimum was paid. FTO also allows us offer a more affordable per pound price for customers who desire a lower-priced coffee.