Espresso Archimedes, Blend

Espresso Archimedes, Blend

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As a rule, we only offer light to medium roasted, single origin coffees.  We do this both to showcase our producing partners and to experience the unique, high quality coffees they grow. While we offer many single origin espressos in our shop, we also blend and and alter our roast profiles for espresso. The addition of a pressure makes this brewing method different from others, and we've found that our best espresso experiences have come from altering a roast or from blends: chocolatey, mouth coatingly gooey, bittersweet, and either fruity or caramel-y. Thatt's the exact profile we're shooting for year-to-year, month-to-month with our blends.

Twice a year, we switch up the blend to highlight the component coffees in each. From October to June, we run the Archimedes Blend featuring a dry-processed African coffee from Ethiopia and 1 or 2 Latin American additions to make our Archimedes espresso. From June-October, we run a single origin or mix of single origins roasted in a different way to make our Nocte Dulce Blend. While designed for espresso extraction, both make great filter coffees on any brewing device.

The Archimedes features lots of fruity sweetness, packing a berry and peach punch with a thick, velvet body and balanced citric acidity. This year's dry-processed Ethiopian and a recent crop washed Central lot adds other elements, however: cocoa, smoked hardwood, and cherry.  This is a bright, yet balanced espresso that hints at the blueberry bombs of yesteryear and weighs heavily on the palette. It is delicious with and without milk.


  • Ideal Rest: 3-12 days

  • Temp: 199F

  • Preinfusion: 4 seconds at line pressure

  • Pressure: 9 bars

  • Coffee In: 18.5g

  • Out: 45g

  • Time: 30-35 seconds

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